Peugeot 206 + releases!

At this time of crisis, Peugeot resort on the French market, and beyond on the European markets, its 206. A visually upgraded 206, 206 + named as the front draws directly from that of the 207. Thus, hood, grille and headlamps are entirely new.
Made in France, at the industrial site of Mulhouse, the 206 + is available with two petrol engines (1.1 l of 44 kW/60 hp and 1.4 liters of 55 kW/75 hp) diesel engine and a 1.4 l HDi 50 kW ( 70 hp) emitting 110 g / km C02. Rates and dates of this competition with the Renault Clio Campus is not yet known.

To note that the 206 + has already been proposed in Brazil and a secondary pick-up is also under preparation. The latter will also be marketed in Europe?


The GT-R version 2009 ... 3.3s to be 0 to 100 Km / h!

The GT-R has not finished talking to her.
At its launch, the 0 to 100 Km / h from the Japanese beast was given for 3.5 seconds.

However, some have managed to get the clock to 3.4 seconds ... see 3.3 Values that could be realistic for the 2009 version of the GT-R, if one believes the words of GTRblog site.

For this year, the GT-R should have a few extra horses and a launch control system changed! Which would (it is a lot of conditional!) To a test pilot Nissan to make the 0 to 100 in 3.3 seconds on the circuit Tochigi ... VDC with the course.

Nevertheless, Nissan has decided not to change its technical details, and let the 0 to 100 Km / h in 3.5 seconds. I feel there will still be abuses of start on the GT-R this year!

Seat Exeo test: an Audi A4 low cost?

By cloning the old Audi A4, Seat achieves an economy that will allow him to propose (finally) a real family to its customers. All at an ultra competitive price. While the sharing of organs is a tradition in the Volkswagen group, recycle an old model from one brand to another is a novel approach. So Exeo: true personality or pale copy?
The arrival of the Exeo is a new offensive for Seat in the family segment which previously was represented by Toledo. The manufacturer has finally a credible alternative to offer its customers who wish to go upmarket.

The Exeo mark and more a break in the strategy Seat, since this family is more the result of recycling as a synergy. That of the Audi A4 a former generation. By incorporating this model to more than 70% Seat savings development which will allow it to offer this vehicle at very competitive rates

The arrival of the Exeo is a new offensive for Seat in the family segment which previously was represented by Toledo. The manufacturer has finally a credible alternative to offer its customers who wish to go upmarket. The Exeo mark and more a break in the strategy Seat, since this family is more the result of recycling as a synergy. That of the Audi A4 a former generation. By incorporating this model to more than 70% Seat savings development which will allow it to offer this vehicle at very competitive rates. This reorientation means it the end of an era creatively for Seat? Since in addition to being a vehicle of recovery, this model is the first of the range away from the name of a town (Ibiza, Leon, Altea, Toledo, Alhambra, etc.).. Seat ensures not. The Exeo is only the fruit of a collaboration with the group. Seat and will retain its label and its own models. "

Aesthetically the relationship with the former Audi A4 is obvious. Seat itself to make a few inexpensive touches like this near the front of the Ibiza, with tapered lights and imposing grille. On the rear, only the lights betray redesigned resemblance.

Interior progress

Exeo means "forward", and inside that actually Seat confirms the message. The finish and quality materials are a significant improvement. Very close cousin. (Especially since the dashboard is based on the former A4 cabriolet). The rings were replaced by the S of the mark and some have been redesigned comodos. The space for rear passengers do not pass the most generous in the category. Too bad for a family. However the volume of rather large trunk (460 liters) in front of the French Renault Laguna 3, Citroen C5 and Peugeot 407.
New equipment

The Exeo is an opportunity for Seat to propose new equipment so far in the range. Such as double glazing, electric seats with memory, or the solar sunroof. And this is on the theme that stands out from Iberian its German cousin. The Exeo offers a more generous equipment at prices more affordable. From (Level Reference "), the customer can count on 7 airbags, antitheft alarm, dual air conditioning, ABS + TCS, ESP, the onboard computer, 4 electric windows, the retro electrical, fog lamps, central locking, car MP3, etc.. For those who want more, the style, the best compromise we increased the allocation for 1725 series for an additional €. You will in addition to the 16''alloy wheels, reversing radar, multifunction steering wheel, the automatic lights, rain sensors, the refrigerated glove box, etc.. In equal equipment, it shows a difference of about € 8000 with Audi! Exeo This could almost be regarded as an Audi A4 Low cost, if it did not display a true road personality.

Opel: increasingly critical situation

Last Friday in Berlin, the heads of GM Europe have met with economic ministers of the government of Angela Merkel. According to the ministers themselves to the press, the result was "disastrous." A government official told the Bild that the summit was "outrageous" and added: "On this basis the State will not give a single cent." It was repeated, in short, the script already recited from the Big Three in Detroit last fall in Washington before the U.S. Congress. Namely: political gentlemen, give a hand to not fail even if we have no idea how to spend your money. But if in the U.S., the social impact of a crisis of the Detroit district has convinced Parliament to grant, but in time, a loan to GM and Chrysler, in Germany it is hard to see what happens. Sufficient to regard the words of the chancellor, Angela Merkel: "We will help Opel if the benefit to the community will be greater than the damage. Unfortunately, for now this is not the case. " He echoed the Minister of Economy, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, where the coffers of the State does not come out a euro until Opel and GM Europe will not have presented a decent strategic plan, which warrants a public aid. That executive is a courageous position: 2009 in Germany is election year, and the policy rationale would suggest a history of helping the car in Germany, with 55mila employees across Europe of which 25 thousand home. But the government has already passed a law that opens the nationalization of banks, when necessary, due to the weight of social institutions. The industry obviously does not have the same impact. That is why GM has to offer something new compared with the simple request for 3.3 billion euros and promised to sell between 25 and 50% of Opel to an outside investor (the best of them, according to the Allgemeine Frankfuter Zeitung, the major German economic daily, you may Fiat). In addition to policy choices, however, to cool the soul state Opel to believe it was the discovery last Friday that GM would sell the U.S. patents Opel as security for loans received. In other words, the ideas born in the German research center that is located close to Ruesselsheim (later developed for all GM brands) have been mortgaged. At a time when the creative and intellectual freshness is vital for the rebirth of the car in the world, news of this kind was bound to irritate the German political parties. Meanwhile, the crisis of Opel runs are at risk of closing the plants in Bochum and Eisenach Germany, and Antwerp in Belgium, employing about 11mila employees.


Lotus Evora: the official price for France

The first deliveries of the recent Lotus Evora will occur in May, marking the end of a development which lasted only 27 months, a record in the automotive industry. The first models 450 "Launch Edition" will be 'full option' and bring a 2 +2 architecture, packs Tech, Premium, Sport, silver alloy wheels, Xenon lights, Alpine audio system, the camera to pay duties and mirrors électriques. This first edition will receive 2 standard colors to choose from: Ardent Red or British Racing Green. Optionally, you'll ask what color you want, of course. The Lotus Evora is a 2 +2 coupe with a V6 3.5L 280 hp and 342 Nm of torque (205 gr CO2/km) original Toyota. Production has already begun and once the optimal rate reached around the month of July, then Lotus sortira 34 cars per week. The Evora is guaranteed 3 years and 100,000 km. For France, Evora 2 +2 is charged € 64,717 inc VAT while version 2 0 drops to € 61,189.

Mazda CX-7 Facelift: turbo clean

After the launch in North America in 2006, the Mazda crossover SUV has landed in Japan and Europe in 2007 and in December 2008, sales exceeded 165,000 units globally. Now comes Facelift CX-7, first diesel version of this model within its philosophy "Sustainable Zoom Zoom" brand which aims to safeguard the environment without sacrificing the driving and the safety of passengers. CX-7 takes a Facelift MZR-CD turbo 2.2-liter four-cylinder in-line 16 valve new generation Euro V compliant, with a power of 173 hp at 3500 rpm and torque of 400 Nm The motor is coupled to a system selective catalytic reduction (SCR) designed exclusively for the European market, to offer a truly clean diesel. The fuel consumption is 7.5 litres/100 km on the trail mixed. With the new turbo under the hood, Mazda CX-7 Facelift can go from 0 to 100 km / h in 11.3 seconds, with a maximum speed of 200 km / h. CX-7 is equipped Facelift, like the previous model, the system of four-wheel drive (AWD) to Enable Sharing of Mature, and will be available with the DISI Turbo petrol engine from 2.3 liters to 260 horses. For the first time ever, the Mazda crossover SUV has a system of Rear of Vehicle Monitoring (RVM) and a signal of Emergency Shutdown (ESS) to provide greater active safety. With new reinforcements in the structure of the body was obtained by an increase in torsional rigidity by 5 percent with benefits for the handling and comfort. As for the look was taken on the style of the sport CX-7 with tweaks aimed at front and a bigger spoiler on the roof. The interiors are made with quality materials, with a new design for the instrument panel, the central panel and the steering wheel. Thanks to the screen to Multiple Information (MID) can be viewed in real-time information for travel. Among the equipment the camera to the rear view, a new navigation system with compact, high-resolution screen and a new stereo system compatible with the system Bleutooth

Toro Rosso STR4 objective recurrence

Now do not miss no one and not have to wait until the traffic lights turned off on 29 March in Australia. This morning in fact, at the Barcelona circuit, the Toro Rosso STR4 presented, the single-seater with which the team intends to Faenza try to repeat the past season, crowned by the victory of Vettel (now at the wheel of Red Bull) in the GP of Italy. The STR4 may be termed "little sister" of the Red Bull RB5, owned by Adrian Newey, filed exactly one month ago and able to perform well during the test. The STR4, which already has the course last week at Adria to hide from indiscreet eyes, moved by an engine supplied by Ferrari but, as mentioned, the chassis is virtually identical to that of Red Bull RB5, which resembles the STR4 very well in livery. At the wheel there will be more than the single-seater will Sebastien Bourdais and Sebastien Buemi, he arrived this year to replace the samples German Sebastian Vettel, moved to Red Bull. The team chief Franz Tost has appeared cautious and has not spent proclamations triumphalistic, but rather, he preferred to keep a low profile, indicating that repeat a season like last year will be difficult. "The 2008 season has gone beyond our expectations," he said, adding "the target for this year is to leave the circuit on Sunday night conscious of having given everything we could." The good performance this season of the Red Bull provides hope for the team from Faenza.

Render future Volkswagen Beetle

The cockchafer for many and more than a car is a true legend on four wheels. Volkswagen has tried again in 1999 with more modern, without being able to replicate the success of the legendary car was born in 1939. Given the failure house in Germany, rather than let it go and focus on other models, seems to want to give a cooled New Beetle on the market starting in 2013 to a new version of which we are able to show the render. The forms are all too similar to the New Beetle out 10 years ago, with the car body that seems to be more elongated, like the step in order to be more comfortable and spacious inside. The front lights are to drop while the fog is more round and put down to the radiator grille, she slightly changed. The platform on which will be developed should be the same as the current generation of the Golf (the sixth) The engines should be the latest TDI, FSI and TSI (among them most likely the 1 .4) for Volkswagen. Almost certain to adopt the change DSG dual clutch

Latest Mercedes Benz

The head of research and development of Engineering and Vehicle Engines Mercedes Benz, Herbert Kohler, said the company is bent on developing engines that produce gasoline consumption equivalent to diesel. The prototype was named DiesOtto and has a displacement of 1,800 cc. with an output of 238 horsepower, producing an estimated consumption of less than 6 liters of gasoline per 100 km.

In this regard the Kohler said: "Our next goal will be to make gasoline engines as economic as diesel. All the prerequisites for this are given in DiesOtto concept, which incorporates the major strengths of both technologies"

Latest Mercedes Benz

Part of the strategy of sustainable mobility for Mercedes-Benz focuses on the optimization of internal combustion engines. In this way, the company has developed technology "BlueTec" diesel engines to produce "as clean as gasoline.

BlueTec technology has been developed to reduce pollutant emissions from vehicles, in particular nitrogen oxides. This includes various modifications to the engines in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment. They have introduced special piezo injectors that reduce the water flow has also been optimized recirculation of the fuel and gaseous pollutants.

The increased demand for diesel cars does not mean the end of the petrol stations, on the contrary it is estimated that in a not so distant future will open markets where the new technology of propulsion engines will be the number one DiesOtto.

Kohler has arranged a date for the introduction of this new technology, which will be manufactured in series in the medium term.

The company announced that it will equip the fleet of SUVs sporting the latest news in the Mercedes Benz BlueTec clean technology, as well as in Europe with diesel engines cleaner with a special cleaning of the gas emission from December.